Information on the Modules for M.Sc. Biology Students

The module on Medical Microbiology consists of two parts: The theoretical module (BIO-M-TM-MeM) and the practical module (BIO-M-PM-MeM).

Application for the Module

There are only limited spaces available for the advanced laboratory course that is part of the practical module. The number of spaces varies from term to term depending on the availability of projects in the individual research groups (click here for an overview of the research groups).

Students who are interested in participation for the module should send a formal application to the teaching coordinator ( with the following information:
– Motivation letter (max. 1 page)
– Brief CV
– Overview of B.Sc. grades („transcript of records“), and if already available also M.Sc. grades
– Other information that you deem of interest
Please compile all information into a single pdf (please avoid relevant information in the e-mail text). The pdf will be shared with the research group leaders for the selection process. Acceptance for the internship automatically includes acceptance to all other components of the theoretical and practical module.

Please send your application for the upcoming term until Feb 15 or Aug 15 to

More information on the Module

The practical module also comprises a basic laboratory course. This course is offered as a block together with the medical students (therefore only offered in German) and takes place every term, usually in May and October/November. The practical course in on 10 days within this 6-weeks-block. The special lecture „Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Virologie“ with an accompanying seminar for the theoretical module runs in parallel and starts two weeks ahead of the course and the seminar.

For information on participation in the seminar (either „Virology and Medical Microbiology“ or „Current advances in life sciences“) please visit the preliminary talk. The next one will be on
Tuesday, Oct 17 2023, 17:15 (via Zoom: Meeting-ID: 667 2624 3442). Information from the preliminary talk will also be made available in GRIPS afterwards.

Once you have completed all components of the module, who may make an appointment with an examiner for the oral module examination. As examiner you may ask any member of the institute that is habilitated (PD or Prof.; often this will be the group leader where you did your internship). Once you made an appointment, please inform the teaching coordinator ( so that all formal requirements will be met.

All module components should be completed within two semesters.

If there are further questions, please contact:

Dr. Benedikt Asbach
Tel. 0941 944 6491
Room: D2.5.11